Lyn Sterling Montagne working on a linen tapestry on a vertical tapestry loom in her Atlanta studio, fall 2016


Lyn Sterling Montagne began her career as an artist and teacher. Her early work was shown in museums around the country and is in the collection of the Mint Museum and Georgia’s State Art Collection.

Building on her experience as an artist, Lyn established a custom rug weaving business in 1982. Working with a diverse clientele, she created functional and critically acclaimed rugs. Her rugs are found in private residences around the world.

In 2015, Michael and Zuzana Montagne joined the custom weaving business, creating Montagne Handwoven. This represents family ownership of what was previously a solo venture. Lyn continues to work closely with her son and daughter-in-law. Guided by the same values that helped her business flourish for over thirty years, the company works in collaboration with designers to craft handmade rugs to complete carefully curated livingspaces.

Currently, Lyn is working on a linen tapestry series based on the evening light illuminating the Atlanta tree line.

Publications & Exhibitions


  • American Craft
  • Architectural Digest
  • House Beautiful
  • Southern Accents


  • Traditional American Craft – Robert Shaw
  • Art that Works – Lloyd Herman
  • Timeless Style – Suzanne Kasler

Selected Exhibitions:

  • Biennial of Piedmont Craftsmen, Mint Museum, 1977
  • Designed and Made for Use, American Craft Museum, traveling, 1985 – 1986
  • Art that Works, curated by Lloyd Herman, traveling, 1990 – 1993
  • For the Floor – American Craft Museum, traveling, 1985-1987
  • Southern Craftsmen, Renwick Museum, 1993
  • Gathered III, Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, 2017
  • Hambidge Center Residency, 2018
  • New South III, Kai Lin Art, 2018
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